Brother Abro, Assistant Deputy of the Ministry of Worship


Essence: 2
Willpower: 6
Join Battle: 3 dice
Personal Motes: 40
Health Levels: -0/-1×4/-2×2/-4×2/Incap.
Appearance 4, Resolve 4, Guile 1

Medicinal Treatment: 8 dice
Read Intentions: 6 dice
Senses: 7 dice
Social Influence: 7 dice
Prayer: 8 dice

Attack (Staff): 7 dice (Damage 9)
Combat Movement: 4 dice
Evasion 3, Parry 2
Soak/Hardness: 3/0

Honorable Descendant Blessing (1m, 1wp; Simple; Instant)
Brother Abro may bless someone with this Charm, granting him a pool of three bonus dice that he may spend on a single dice roll within the next day. She may invoke this to benefit
any devout supplicant she perceives, or to anyone for whom he makes a successful prayer roll.

Hurry (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant)
Whenever acting on behalf of the Ministry of Worship, he can move incredibly fast anywhere within the border of Great Forks.

Serene Heart Allure (6m; Reflexive; One scene):
Brother Abro radiates a calm and peaceful aura that dumbfounds even battle-hardened warriors, forcing characters to pay a point of Willpower before they can take any harmful action toward Abro, or resist being cooperative with Abro’s gentle requests. This effect targets one person per invocation.


Brother Abro is a peaceful man with a very genteel personality and a knack for getting people to trust him. With his soothing voice and the potpourri-like miasma that surrounds him, people become very cooperative around him. He isn’t very ambitious, but nonetheless has found his way up the chain-of-command at the Ministry of Worship.


Exalted: Great Forks MisterHumbug