Ai Niu

Musician for The Wind's Breath


Ai Niu is a slender young girl who is awkward and tongue-tied when in a conversation, but the moment she picks up her erhu, she loses herself to the music, similar to her twin sister, Qi Niu. She usually only speaks when spoken to, not because she’s shy but because she is usually lost in her own thoughts. Until recently, she dressed in mostly old raggedy clothes, but Fenfang took Ai Niu and her sister under her wing and started dressing them in finer silks and teaching them how to pretty themselves up.


A local girl, Ai Niu’s parents run a fairly successful herbalist shop in the city center. Catering mostly to wealthier clients, her mother and father did well and were able to afford some of the best musical training for their twin daughters. Ai Niu and her sister embraced the musical arts, though they usually only played for their parents and their parents’ friends.

Fenfang is the one who discovered Ai Niu and her sister, overhearing the girls practicing as the Dragon-Blooded passed by their home. Their parents, who had previously seen one of Zhao Shen’s performances, were thrilled that their homebody daughters were being invited to perform with The Wind’s Breath troupe. Fenfang promised Ai Niu’s parents that with a little guidance and training, their daughters could develop into musical master-forces.

Ai Niu

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