Biyu Yu

Dancer and Acrobat in The Wind's Breath


Biyu Yu, who goes by the name YuYu, is a striking woman; due to her spirit-touched origins, she is constantly sheathed in a miasma of smoke that wraps around her everywhere she goes. Gifted with both a strange beauty and exceptional flexibility, her acrobatic dances tend to make men in the audience pay attention. While performing, she can make the smoke around her thicken and dissipate at will, swirling around her in a hypnotic striptease that always strategically covers her assets.When not performing, she actually dresses very conservatively, preferring the company of women over men.

She admires Zhao Shen and what he is trying to accomplish, and is moderately jealous of how close Fenfang is to him.


A native of Great Forks, YuYu has spent most of her life living among the temples, her mother being a caretaker of some of the grandest shrines in the city. It was at one of those shrines that her mother was “gifted” with YuYu.

As a little girl, YuYu had as many friends among the little gods as she did among the mortal children. She feels quite at home with the spirits, and they are very close to her, as well.

YuYu was actually recommended to Zhao Shen by Talan Gwynek, who had seen YuYu performing with another troupe. Zhao Shen and Fenfang went to see YuYu perform, and both immediately agreed that she would make a good addition to The Wind’s Breath.

She adjusted well, to the troupe, becoming quite close to Kei Kiku, listening raptly to all the old woman’s stories; she also has a fondness for Eresef, seeing him as something of a father-figure (since she never really knew her own father). She thinks the twins Ai and Qi are adorable. She also respects Sanaa’s skills, and the two of them have become friends, despite Sanaa’s muteness.

Biyu Yu

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