Stagecrafter and Actor in the Wind's Breath


A simply-dressed man, Gateron has the slightly addlepated mien of a person who is constantly distracted. He is often muttering to himself and jotting notes and sketches in a small journal that he always keeps in a large belt-pouch. Most of his clothes have paint and oil splotches on them, but whenever he remembers to wear it, he dons a leather apron before digging into his crafts.

More often than not, he is seen futzing with some item or another that he put together based on some whimsy or inspiration.


Gateron’s mother firmly believes that some drunken little god of inspiration and creativity knocked her up one night without her knowing it. Since he was old enough to walk, Gateron was making drawing and sculpting mud into interesting and odd little artifacts and a designs. As he grew up, he gained some real crafting skills and put his hand to building mostly useless gadgets and nifty little devices.

For the most part, he had no real direction in life, making a meager living by selling novelties and some failed gizmos that some people mistook for artworks. A couple of months ago, however, he met Zhao Shen; after some exciting conversations, Gateron seemed to finally find a focus in life: to design stunning stageworks, set-pieces, and costumes for The Wind’s Breath.


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