Priestess of Vallestra and Patron of the Arts


Though by all appearances a young, pre-pubescent girl, Irachelie bears a mien of striking solemnity. She is but a lass, but she takes her devotion to Vallestra, the Curious Lady, very seriously. She seems naive to a lot of the world around her, but has a sense of gravitas when it comes to matters of her religion.


Irachelie’s parents died when she was very young. Her aunt was a priestess of Luna, and took her into the fold. Perhaps because of her loss, Irachelie bonded strongly with her vision of the Curious Lady, and soon become a burgeoning power in the faith.

Latching on to the tenet of the Curious Lady’s dogma that encourages devotees to always seek new experiences, Irachelie eventually found herself attending the dynamic, entrancing and ever-changing passion plays put on by The Wind’s Breath. Soon Irachelie introduced herself to Zhao Shen, finding his sense for storytelling to be protean, yet purposeful. She soon became one of his most ardent fans, spreading the word to other temples and clerics in Great Forks.


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