Junin Ishi

Immaculate of Earth


He wields a meteor hammer.


His father was a temperate and unprejudiced man before he was returned bruised and beaten. This was before the Night of Quills. House Cynis feared betrayal from within its weaker allied houses. Orders were signed and men, elder sons and even woman of many houses were taken. Some never returned. His father returned and all the words from his mouth glorified House Cynis and the Immaculate Order. When he exalted into his birthright, he was taken by House Cynis, trained and proved worthy of joining the Wild Hunt. But Ishi never forgot those moments in shadows watching his father weep knowing they may have broken him but vowing House Junin will never break.

Defining intimacy: Restore House Junin’s honor.
Major Intimacy: Remove Cynis foot from his father’s neck
Major Intimacy: Feel no happiness until his family’s honor is restored
Minor Intimacy: Seek subtle ways to undermine the Wyld Hunt, unless it would harm his own standing.
Minor Intimacy: Hinder the Immaculate Order from within
Minor Intimacy: Never be far from drink or sorrowful song

Junin Ishi

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