Kei Kiku

Narrator and Storyteller in The Wind's Breath


A craggy old woman, Kei Kiku claims that every wrinkle in her face was a hard-earned mark of success. Dressing in loose-fitting comfortable clothes, Kei’s eyes still sparkle as she tells her stories to anyone who will sit and listen to them. Her voice is raspy and crackly from decades smoking the simple bamboo pipe that she claims to have carved herself. She is never seen without the small pipe in her mouth; it somehow magically seems to stay put even when she dozes in her reclined chair.


Kei Kiku has seen a lot things in her ninety years in Creation, and she loves to tell everybody all about them. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of the lore and history of Creation, and seems to have a first-hand perspective of events that she could not possibly have seen in person and still be alive today.

She has a huge family all across the Scavenger Lands and Great Forks. At this point, Fenfang has completely lost count of all the different people who visit her and refer to her as mother, auntie, or nana. Everywhere she goes, people seem to welcome her warmly and offer her a refreshment or a place to sit and rest.

Zhao Shen doesn’t remember actually asking her to join The Wind’s Breath. She just showed up after watching a performance one day and started regaling the troupe with her stories, then simply never left, becoming as much a fixture as anybody else. And Zhao Shen wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kei Kiku

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