Lenesh Tirel

Singer and Actor in the Wind's Breath


Lenesh Tirel is a small man, his short gaunt frame looking fragile in his ill-fitting clothes. Any audience member who sees him on stage has no idea what his real face looks like, as Tirel is a master of masks and diversionary sleight-of-hand. His mournful, dolorous voice carries across the theatre like a wave of sadness that plays the audience’s emotions like a lyre-string.

In truth, Lenesh Tirel’s visage is difficult to behold, an ugly, sunken face that sends a cold-chill down the spine of anyone who sees it. He always wears masks when out in public; not even the other troupe-members of The Wind’s Breath have seen his real face, save for Zhao Shen and Fenfang.


Hailing from Sijan, Tirel is a Half-Dead, the illicit spawn of a mortal woman and a powerful ghost. Unwilling or unable to enter the funeral craft, Tirel found his muse singing the dirges of the departed.

He came to Great Forks to escape his rejected heritage, and had much trouble finding work. However, he soon encountered Zhao Shen, who inspired him with the musical transcriptions of the elegies of the Celestial Exalted. He joined The Wind’s Breath shortly thereafter.

Lenesh Tirel

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