Lynnet is a beautiful woman who turns heads of all sexes where ever she goes.


Lynnet the Lizard was within weeks of Kage’s age when she was taken from her mother’s arms moments before the city guardsmen swept in and arrested her and her fellow slaves for rebellious behavior. Fearing this day may come, she made a deal with local beggars to keep her daughter safe.
Lynnet was raised alongside Kage and Splint and others. While learning the ways of begging, snatching and rumor mongering, she grew from a knobby kneed colt to magnificent woman. It became difficult to hide her beauty from others and herself. She dared to roam deeper into the city and saw what future her looks could bring. Each man or woman’s offer of money and a better life encouraged her to believe she could do better. The day she left the Alleykin she swore she’d return to help those worse off than her. After a difficult time adjusting to life in the city (with help from her friends), she found herself working as a tavern server. A rich older merchant swept her off her feet with his lifestyle. Against many wishes, they married. Soon after, he died and using her inherited wealth, bought the Keg and Kettle.

Her promise to return to the Alleykin was fulfilled as she uses her wealth to provide food to Great Fork’s homeless and destitute. But, she accompanies this charity less and less and her friends see whatever is happening in her life is taking a toll as she uses makeup and clothes to conceal a prematurely aging face.

No one besides her childhood friends know about her “Lizard” nickname and she makes it clear what she will do if anyone in her current life learns of it.


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