Master Tsuji

Musician for The Wind's Breath


Tsuji is a middle-aged man, but his exact age is hard to pinpoint; he could be anywhere between forty and sixty, depending on his mood that day and his choice of clothes. He’s a stocky little man, equal parts rippling muscle and rice-wine gut. He has the sinewy power of a man whose entire life and career has been built around beating things with big sticks.

Though generally a quiet man, once he’s in his cups Tsuji is very quick to anger, a fact that Fenfeng finds hilarious. She is constantly trying to goad him into starting fights with people in bars.


Fenfang seriously suspects that Tsuji is a mortal scion of one of the Realm’s Great Houses, but if he is, he doesn’t talk about it. He does acknowledge that he is from the Imperial City on the Blessed Isle, but maintains that he hasn’t been back there in almost thirty years, and hasn’t spoken to any of his family for at least that long.

A big fan of fermented beverages, Tsuji often gets drinky and belligerent. However, if he happens to get just drunk enough, he moves past the angry drunk phase and enters into a nostalgic, blubbering phase where he talks about a lot of people and places from his past. Fenfang always listens intently to him when he gets like that, hoping to piece together the puzzle of his life, while Zhao Shen watches amused.

Zhao Shen actually first met Tsuji many years ago, back at his home village. Tsuji was an old acquaintance of one of Zhao Shen’s uncles; apparently they had shared some history that Zhao Shen didn’t quite understand. Many years later, Zhao Shen bumped into Tsuji in Great Forks, and immediately offered him a place in The Wind’s Breath.

Master Tsuji

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