Owner and Proprietor of the Serenity Gardens Tea House


Naeulla is a woodsy, down-to-earth free spirit of a woman, touched by the splendor and beauty of the forests around Great Forks. Choosing to wear only clothes made by her own hand and adorn herself with pigments and colors from the world around her, Naeulla can best be described as a nature-lover. She has, on several occasions, literally hugged trees.

Two antlers seem to sprout from her head, but whether they are natural growths or some sort of affixed affection, no one has dared to ascertain.


Naeulla hails from deep in the Far East, closer to the elemental pole of Wood, or so she claims. She does seem to have a natural affinity for foliage and flora. Many years ago she opened up the Serenity Gardens Tea House as a way to connect the different segments of the Great Folks population with each other. It has become a junction for artisans, politicians, priests, and prostitutes to cross paths. Zhao Shen has found it wonderful place to relax and enjoy the company of friends and fiends alike.

She has probably one of the best merchant networks in the city, as she somehow manages to obtain rare tea leaves from some of the most obscure places across Creation. There are some rumors that say that she is able to acquire all manner of rare items through that selfsame network.


Exalted: Great Forks MisterHumbug