Ozi Zesh

Actor in the Wind's Breath


A moderately handsome man, Ozi Zesh is an actor, and never lets anyone forget it. His body language and speech are always emotive and drawn out; he can’t just say something, he has to say it with a roll of his tongue and flourish of his hands.

He is very well-groomed and clothed; in fact, he spends most of his earnings on luxurious spa-treatments and well-crafted raiments.


Ozi Zesh’s dark little secret is that he started off as a male prostitute in Nexus. But he managed to scrape together enough money to leave that life and start fresh in Great Forks.

He always fancied himself a great actor, and he entered the entertainment community of Great Forks expecting to take it by storm. In reality, the storm was more of a light drizzle. He managed to earn some respectability and fame as an entertainer, but not nearly as much as he thought he had.

Zhao Shen invited Ozi Zesh to join The Wind’s Breath on a lark; Fenfang had facetiously wagered Zhao Shen that he wouldn’t do it, so naturally Zhao Shen did it. Since then, Ozi has become something of an inside joke, both with the troupe and with the audience. As yet, Ozi has not really caught on to the truth.

Ozi Zesh

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