Remigus Louvel

Publican, Sanctum Sanctorum


Rémiges Louvel is the longtime owner and operator of one of the more private taverns in Great Forks, Sanctum Sanctorum. A large, thick-necked man, Rémy is hard to anger, but brutally efficient with disposing of trouble-makers. His well-worn hands are meaty, and his weather face is rough-hewn and craggy.

When working he wears a simple leather apron that is very clearly infused with Essence. What properties the apron has, no one but Rémy can say.


Rémy is not a native to Great Forks, hailing from the harsh Near-Northern city of Grieve. Seeking more temperate climes, Rimy made his way to the Scavenger Lands and wound up finding work in Great Forks, seeking his fortune as an adventurer and explorer. At some point he hit the jackpot, finding a trove of treasures and First-Age relics that he happily sold to some Dynastic jackass who was passing through Great Forks at the time.

Rémy took that small fortune and bought a small plot of land in a corner of the Temple District that bore a neglected mosque on it. The ruins were complete with underground catacombs and little nooks and crannies, and Rémy had a grand vision of turning it into a premiere tavern where his customers could meet discretely, hidden in the many niches of the property.

Thus Sanctum Sanctorum was born.

Remigus Louvel

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