Shah Zaman

Dancer and Poet in the Wind's Breath


A handsome, swarthy Southerner, Shah Zaman has the bearing of one who believes himself to be a prince among men. An accomplished poet and philosopher, Shah Zaman also loses himself in his dervish-like dancing. He rarely seems to joke, and always has some tidbit of pseudo-wisdom to offer anyone on any subject.

Shah Zaman’s slave, Sanaa, is always close in tow behind him.


Hailing from the Delzahn nomads that reside in and around Chiaroscuro, Shah Zaman found his way to Great Forks and immediately began to hold court in the community of entertainers there. His ascent in popularity was disrupted by the strange and charismatic newcomer, Zhao Shen, whom Shah Zaman soon began to both envy and admire.

When Zhao Shen asked Shah Zaman and Sanaa to join his troupe, The Wind’s Breath, he immediately accepted.

Shah Zaman

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