Street tough


Splint put you in mind of a badger. He is short, stocky and has scarred fists from his favorite intimidation tactic of hitting whatever wall his current victim is pressed against.


Splint always found a way to fight. Not that he was of a dull mind, he found simple punching a quicker way to get results. But often times was too stubborn and clever for his own good. He admitted perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to set an abandoned building on fire so the local guard post would empty out and he could piss on a guardsman’s bed in revenge for an earlier beating. Splint admits he is a wayward man. Perfect for soldiering but he detests authority.

The Alleykin don’t tolerate muggings or any crime that would bring the guardsman but Splint found plenty of opportunities for knocking heads in simply protecting his friends.

Today he finds himself taking the odd job for a man with his talents – bounty hunting, intimidation and any other solo work being the only other person he can tolerate working with is Kage.


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