Wei Ming of the Tattered Robes

God of Good-Natured Beggars


Wei Ming appears as a balding, gaunt man with shining eyes dressed in rags. The rags he wears are cloth, but are printed with patterns resembling Jade Scrip, IOU’s, bills of sale, and other wealth – legend has it that every time a beggar receives a new type of money in his bowl, Wei Ming acquires a new printed pattern somewhere on his outfit.

Those who live under Wei Ming’s protection have taken to calling themselves the Alleykin. In turn, Wei Ming calls his people his maxime mures – his special mice.


Wei Ming of the Tattered Robes is not a terribly well-loved God, but he is somewhat powerful. Every jade bit or silver talent that clinks in a beggar’s bowl is a paean to the god of the ubiquitous corner-dwellers. Like his charges, Wei Ming loves to drink, party, and fleece the unwary; he rarely receives official worship, but every time someone someone raises a cup and offers thanks for the day’s generosity, Wei Ming’s own cup fills in response.

Wei Ming of the Tattered Robes

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