The Wind's Breath

The Wind’s Breath is the entertainment troupe founded by Zhao Shen and his companion Fenfang. A growing group of dancers, acrobats, singers, musicians and crafters, The Wind’s Breath has dedicated itself to staging grand spectacles exulting the Unconquered Sun. Billing themselves as revivers of long-lost arias and choruses, the troupe’s goal is to spread the word of the greatest of the Celestial Incarnae. Zhao Shen eventually hopes to be able to construct a grand magnificent opera house in the center of Great Forks.

The Wind’s Breath Troupe’s Current Roster of Players:
- Ai Niu – Musician
- Biyu Yu – Dancer
- Eresef Deman – Actor and Playwright
- Gateron – Stagecrafter and Actor
- Kei Kiku – Narrator Storyteller
- Lenesh Tirel – Singer and Actor
- Meixiang – Dancer and Singer
- Master Tsuji – Musician
- Ozi Zesh – Actor
- Qi Niu – Musician
- Shah Zaman – Dancer and Poet
- Sanaa – Dancer


A Shadow Play Performed by The Wind’s Breath

The Wind's Breath

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