Exalted: Great Forks

One Shot - Jesse - Wyld Hunt in Great Forks

One Shot - Wyld Hunt

You will each play a Dragon Blooded Shikari of the Wyld Hunt. You have a small band of loyal warriors under your command. Your current target is a newly Exalted Lunar responsible for the deaths of dozens of innocents. It has been 3 weeks and over 100 miles since last saw your prey. The trail has let to Great Forks.

(See Dragon Blooded – EX3 pg. 541+)

Choose one of the examples – Air, Earth, or Fire.

Battle Groups under your command :
Warrior Monks : Size=1, Drill=Average, Might=0
Ranger Band : Size=1, Drill=Average, Might=0

Your target is an Eastern Barbarian Slave that Exalted about 3 months ago. You know that time is against you as you must find and destroy her before others of her kind offer her sanctuary. To complicate matters further, Great Forks is not a place you can just walk into with any form of authority. The Lunar has been seen in the following forms : An Eastern Female, Very Attractive, Dark Brown Skin, Dark Green Hair + A Large Brown & White Eagle with Black Talons and a Crest of Green Plumes + An Immense Bear with Dark Green/Black Fur and Black Claws.


And a big, big, pink bunny.


For the record, in all likelihood Junin Ishi leads the warrior monks and Gangfeng leads the ranger band.


So, who is the overall leader? Or is there one? Seems like there is a reason a family-less Lookshy monk and disgraced family monk are a two DB dragonblooded wild hunt that has not been recalled to the Blessed Isle – no one wants us.


Given the skill-sets of the sample DBs, you (the Earth Aspect) are the leader of this particular Wyld Hunt. I assume you have a reporting structure above you, but for the purposes of this one-shot, you are the leader.


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