Eresef Deman

Actor and Playwright in the Wind's Breath


An older man, Eresef Deman dresses in the simple robes and cloaks of a peasant. He is very ordinary-looking, a man who clearly gets by with his little bits of lore and knowledge and a moderate capacity for storytelling.

When he talks, Eresef tends to emphasize or inflect the wrong words in a sentence, giving him a very eccentric pattern of speech. When on stage, this idiosyncrasy becomes an asset; what makes people tend to ignore him in everyday life also makes people pay extra attention to him while he is onstage.


Eresef Deman has spent the majority of his life eking out a living as a working actor. He developed the ability to cobble together play-scripts out of his spotty knowledge of history and lore, but none of his plays were remarkable or noteworthy. He has been a pillar of Great Forks’ entertainment community for three or four decades, but never as a leading man, always as a strong secondary or supporting character. He always desired more fame and attention, but was always just shy of achieving it.

Recently, however, he befriended an amazing man, Zhao Shen, who saw in Eresef an under-utilized resource. Since joining The Wind’s Breath, Eresef has found himself being cast in important (though still not starring) roles: the wise sage; the revered father; the high priest. With a renewed confidence in his chosen profession, Eresef is keenly looking forward to what fame and glory Zhao Shen can bring to The Wind’s Breath troupe.

Eresef has become quite fond of some of the other members of the troupe, and tends to be more fatherly towards them, especially Fenfang and Meixiang.

Eresef Deman

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