Air-Aspect Dragon Blooded Retainer of Zhao Shen


A delicate young woman, Fenfang exudes the aroma of flower-petals blowing in the wind. She is often seen flitting gracefully alongside Zhao Shen, tootling melodies from her jade flute.


The winds stir Fenfang’s hair as she plays her flute


An Outcaste Dragon-Blooded from Lookshy, Fenfang always felt out of place within the militaristic confines of the walled city. Her family had strong ties to the Seventh Legion, but her brother, Gangfeng, had rebelled against the Outcastes years earlier when he came of age, leaving to join the Immaculate Order. As soon as Fenfang could, she also left the militant city and headed somewhere more to her liking. She ended up in Great Forks, and soon began consorting in the artistic and entertainment circles in a city that reveled in more hedonistic activities.

Fenfang hadn’t been in Great Forks for more than a couple of weeks before succumbing to Zhao Shen’s gravitational pull. She soon began to attend every one of his performances, especially the ones celebrating the resplendence and majesty of the Unconquered Sun. Soon she was a loyal devotee of Zhao Shen and his efforts to spread the ways of the Old Realm.

She has become an invaluable assistant and valet for Zhao Shen, helping him prepare for his performances, running errands for him, and tending to his personal needs.

Fenfang is a very spirited young lady, full of laughter and playfulness. She is far too curious for her own good, some say. Others say her jests will get her in trouble one day. Though she is clearly more interested in music, poetry, and art, she also happens to have a deadly hand with small daggers, stilettos, and throwing stars.

Fenfang recently espied a group of Immaculate monks heading into Great Forks, bearing the banner of the Wyld Hunt. She was horrified to learn that her brother was part of the Circle of Immaculates leading the Wyld Hunt into the city.


Exalted: Great Forks MisterHumbug