Air-Aspected Immaculate Shikari and Fist of The Whispering Claw


A nimble but solemn young man, Gangfeng projects a miasma of bottled anger and the odor of rain-dampened reeds around him. Most people tend to be uncomfortable around him, but for vague reasons they cannot pinpoint. Though he usually wears loose-fitting monk’s robes, when he is actively on a hunt he eschews constricting raiments, allowing the Dragon’s Talon sewn into his flesh to be seen by all.


Born to an Outcaste Dragon-Blooded clan in Lookshy, Gangfeng grew up around the militaristic might of the Seventh Legion. He always read about the stories of the Great Contagion and the might of the Terrestial Host, and he soon developed a great interest in the power of the Realm and the Immaculate Philosophy. He often argued with his parents and other clan elders about the politics of the Realm, tending to idealize and glorify the position of the Scarlet Empress and the Dynastic families, much to everyone’s chagrin. He thought his sister, Fenfang, was irresponsible and lazy because of her love for the arts and her derision for militarism. Eventually he came of age, rebelling against his father’s call to join the Seventh Legion by running away to join the Immaculate Order, leaving his family

Gangfeng threw himself completely over to the Immaculate faith, becoming a prized disciple of the Order. He soon attracted the attention of The Whispering Claw, a small elite sect of fanatical devotees to the Five Elemental Dragons within the Immaculate Order that sows a personal and deadly holy war against the Anathema… as well as their families, friends, and lovers. Gangfeng has served the Claw well, gaining the favor of the elders, who presented him with a magical dragon-scale mail that was sewn into his skin and bonded with his flesh.

The Wyld Hunt is the perfect venue for Gangfeng to practice his particular extreme version of the Immaculate Philosophy, and the Hunt takes him all across Creation. He was recently dispatched to hunt down an Anathema in Great Forks. Interestingly, he also recently heard that his sister was now living in Great Forks.


Exalted: Great Forks MisterHumbug